Certified Financial Planner Bloomington Illinois


Johnston Investment Counsel (JIC) employes Certified Financial Planner professionals that serve clients in Bloomington, Illinois and throughout the nation. JIC provides independent, fee-only investment management, and comprehensive fee-only financial planning.


Johnston Investment Counsel offers a comprehensive and integrated range of customized investment and financial planning services to Bloomington, Illinois residents. Our goal is to meet client objectives, alleviate their financial concerns, and let them re-focus on other issues more important to them. JIC is an indedendent firm and is a fiduciary to our clients. As a Fee-Only Certified Financial Planner serving Bloomington, Illinois, JIC’s compensation is fully-disclosed and paid by our clients. As we are fee-only advisors, JIC does not receive any commissions.


If you are looking for a certified financial planning professional in the Bloomington, Illinois area, you can learn more about JIC on our about us page or contact us here.  A description of some of our services include:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Management

401k & Retirement Plans

Investment Counseling


Whether you are a State Farm employee, Illinois State University employee, business owner, or resident of Bloomington, Illinois looking to build wealth or plan for the future, please consider contacting Johnston Investment Counsel as your Certified Financial Planner professional.