Financial Planning Services

Johnston Investment Counsel offers four main financial planing services:

JIC’s goal is to reduce your financial concerns so you can focus on more important activities. We listen to your goals, objectives, and concerns and will find a solution that best meets your needs.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

invest_planning_imgWe listen as you describe the issues you are most concerned about. Perhaps its knowing how much to save for retirment or managing your investments. Maybe its saving for college or lowering your taxes. Whatever your concern(s), we will create a customized solution designed for your unique situation.

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Investment Management

invest_management_imgPerhaps you are not interested in managing your investments. We can help. Johnston Investment Counsel has several different discretionary investment strategies ranging from very conservative to more aggressive. Each strategy uses a different combination of investments, depending on your specific and unique circumstances.

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401k & Retirement Plans

retirement1As a small business, we understand you have other things to worry about than the details of operating a retirement plan. Retirement plans can be complex and confusing, but they also provide enormous tax-advantaged benefits. Working as a fiduciary, Johnston Investment Counsel will design and implement a highly effective, customized, and cost efficient retirement plan.

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Investment Consulting

invest_consult_img1Johnston Investment Counsel provides institutional clients (including pension funds, endowments, and corporations) with either discretionary or non-discretionary assistance in several areas including: asset allocation, investment policy development, portfolio construction and structure, manager search and selection, and performance evaluation

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