Investment Analysis

Comprehensive, Integrated Investment Review

Today, it is common to have several types of accounts located at many different firms. It can be challenging to understand and integrate these different accounts into a cohesive investment strategy.

At Johnston Investment Counsel, we seek to structure your investments so that each account is working together toward your ultimate financial goal — in as tax friendly way as possible. JIC’s investment analysis will evaluate, on a consolidated basis, the following:

  • Whether the mix between various assets classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash is appropriate given your financial goals and risk preferences.
  • The diversification within a particular asset class.
  • The tax status of each account (401(k) vs. IRA vs. taxable account) and its underlying holdings to create as tax-efficient portfolio as possible.
  • Cost basis of existing taxable investments.
  • An evaluation of individual holdings, versus appropriate benchmark indices and peers.

JIC’s analysis and recommendations are given to you in a written report. Our objective is to provide you a comprehensive, understandable approach to your investments that will meet your financial goals.