Index Plus

Low cost, broadly diversified, total return investment strategy using index funds

Johnston Investment Counsel’s index plus investment strategy is designed to outperform a broad market index using a process known as style rotation. This tax-efficient strategy is entirely implemented using low-cost and tax-efficient style-based index funds or exchanged traded funds.

How Do I Benefit By Using A Index Plus Investment Strategy?

  • Outperformance potential compared to just indexing
  • Broad portfolio diversification
  • An extremely low-cost investment strategy
  • A tax efficient invstement strategy compared to active management
  • Elimination of active manager underperformance

How Does Johnston Investment Counsel Make Style Allocation Decisions?

In making style allocation decisions, whether for stocks or bonds, Johnston Investment Counsel follows a similar process:

  • Evaluate the current macroeconomic environment and determine how it may influence future returns
  • Determine the fundamental attractiveness of each investment style
  • Examine the technical characteristics of each investment style
  • Determine the magnitude of the style of tilt