Financial Planning Solutions

Financial Planning Solutions for Real World Situations

We help alleviate your concerns so you can re-focus on more important activities. Johnston Investment Counsel is a true financial partner solely focused on your best interest. As a fee-only, comprehensive financial planning and investment management firm, JIC provides a wide range of integrated services concentrated on achieving your financial goals and objectives. We try to make the information you are seeking easier to find by segmenting JIC’s financial planning solutions into the following categories:


Whether you are a physician, attorney, business owner, engineer or other professional, you have worked hard and are well rewarded. But your financial life has become more complicated — and your time to manage it is less and less.

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Caterpillar Employees & Executives

Due to more complicated compensation programs, Caterpillar employees and executives have additional issues they face. We can offer solutions based upon your needs and can help you choose the best program for you.

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Special Situations

Not everyone’s financial situation is the same. We review some of the more common special situations that we see

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401(k) and Retirement Plans

Providing solutions to employers seeking to offer or improve their retirement plan.

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Case Studies

Real-world examples of fact scenarios and financial planning solutions

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