Investment Management Bloomington Illinois

Johnston Investment Counsel (JIC) is an independent, fee-only investment management and financial planning firm serving residents of Bloomington, Illinois as well as clients throughout Illinois and the nation.

JIC provides investment management services to Bloomington, Illinois residents on a fee-only basis and is a fiduciary. As a fee-only advisor, JIC is not compensated by selling financial products.  As a fiduciary, JIC provides financial advice and guidance with a client’s best interest in mind. Clients will gain peace of mind with this guidance and will be free to concentrate on issues that are more important to them.

JIC tailors its investment management services to assist Bloomington, Illinois clients in meeting their financial objectives. So whether you are a State Farm employee, Illinois State employee, work in a small- or medium-sized business, or are retired, JIC’s investment management services can benefit Bloomington, Illinois clients and residents.  Learn more about JIC’s investment management services JIC’s on our about us page or by contacting us.

While JIC’s investment management services are customized to the specific and unique client situation, they broadly can be classified into one of the following areas: