Wealth Management Bloomington Illinois


Johnston Investment Counsel (JIC) is an independent, fee-only financial Planning and wealth management advisor serving residents of Bloomington, Illinois. The financial planning and wealth management services we provide assist Bloomington, Illinois clients in creating a comprehensive approach for the creation, protection, investment, tax management, and distribution of wealth.  The wealth management process used by JIC is centered on each client’s unique situation, goals, and objectives.


JIC is independent, fee-only , employee-owned, and is a fiduciary to our Bloomington, Illinois and all clients. These characteristics allow JIC to provide unbiased advice and recommendations.  Clients will gain peace of mind with this guidance as well as being free to concentrate on issues that are more important to them.

JIC’s interests are aligned with those of our clients.  So whether you are a State Farm employee, Illinois State University employee, work in a small to medium-size business, or are retired, JIC’s wealth management services can assist you in building and maintaining wealth in Bloomington, Illinois. JIC’s wealth management clients in Bloomington, Illinois create long-term relationships that include a comprehensive approach to managing their wealth.  JIC’s wealth management services include both its comprehensive financial planning as well as its investment management services.

JIC uses each client’s specific fact situation in combination with their goals and objectives to create a financial plan that is customized to their specific fact scenario.  JIC’s comprehensive financial planning services include:

JIC’s investment management approach is customized to the specific characteristics and unique circumstances of the client.  JIC will incorporate tax-efficient allocation strategies to create as tax-efficient portfolio as possible. Depending on the situation – as well as the goals of the client, JIC may use, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, individual stocks, bonds, and options (for risk control) in implementing its investment management strategies.  Some examples of JIC’s investment management services include:

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