Our Approach – Listening to You

Working Together

Getting Acquainted

Our process starts by listening to you. What are the issues weighing on your mind? Tell us about your family, dreams, and passions. What are you seeking by establishing a relationship with a fee-only advisor? During this time, we will answer any questions that you have about establishing a relationship with JIC. The goal of the getting acquainted session is to determine if your needs are consistent with our approach and the type of services offered so that a strong, mutually beneficial relationship could be established.

Getting To Know You

If we decide to proceed with a relationship, the next step is to get a more in-depth background of your specific situation as well as to make sure we have a complete understanding of your key issues, priorities, goals, objectives, time frame and risk. We will collect detailed information about all aspects of your financial life. This data gathering phase will include questionnaires, surveys, and additional interviews. At the end of this phase, we will have a complete understanding of your current situation, where you want to go, and your priorities for getting there.

Develop Recommendations And Discuss Alternatives

In this phase, JIC analyzes and evaluates all the information and provides our written analysis and recommendations. We will meet with you to discuss our recommendations and alternatives. Many times, tradeoffs must be made. At the conclusion of this phase, by working together, we will have developed an appropriate course of action.


Depending on the actions to be taken, our involvement in implementation may be limited or extensive. Some clients will easily implement our recommendations. However, we often find many clients get overwhelmed with the choices, decisions, complexity, and time it takes to implement a plan. In those cases, we are here to assist.

Monitor And Review

Life changes. Some changes are expected, others unexpected. Some changes are good, some are not. We will periodically review your situation and, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments.