Retirement Planning

Live the Retirement You Imagined

If you’re like many Americans, retirement is at the top of your list of financial priorities. It’s a difficult challenge. While you will have Social Security income and possibly even a pension in retirement, much of your income may have to be generated from your savings and investments. It takes focus and discipline to accumulate the assets needed to fund a retirement that could span several decades.

At Johnston Investment Counsel, we help you develop and implement a strategy to reach to reach your retirement goals. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your vision for retirement and the potential obstacles that stand in your way.

We want to know as much as possible about your plans for retirement. When do you want to retire? What does your ideal retirement look like? Where will you live? How much money will you spend? What income sources do you have available?

Next, we simulate different scenarios to see how changes in the markets, the economy, or even in your life could impact your retirement. These simulations are “stress tests” for your retirement plan, and they allow you to see how your finances will react to changing variables. Some of the factors we consider in these stress tests include:

  • Different retirement ages.
  • A range of different contribution amounts during your working years and withdrawal amounts in retirement.
  • Various income goals, including static and increasing amounts.
  • Different portoflio allocations.
  • Several different portfolio allocations, each with its own risk and return expectations.
  • A range of different mortality expectations.

After completing the stress tests, we develop a range of recommendations to strengthen your retirement plan and minimize risk exposure. We deliver a customized, written planning document that you can implement either on your own or with our assistance and guidance.

You’ve worked hard your entire career. Retirement is your time to enjoy life on your terms. Give yourself the financial stability to live the retirement you’ve always imagined. Let’s connect soon and start the conversation.