Tax Planning

Identifying Potential Tax Savings Ideas

Far too many investors view tax planning something that only happens once a year. The reality is that tax management should be an ongoing effort that is implemented through your investment strategy and your comprehensive financial plan.

At Johnson Investment Counsel, we use tax considerations as an important factor in all of our recommendations and investment management decisions. We analyze your tax exposure and, when possible, aim to reduce your overall tax liability.

We also may recommend specific strategies to reduce your tax exposure. For example, we may suggest that you utilize various IRA accounts to save for retirement in a tax-efficient manner. We could recommend that you structure your investments differently or that you take advantage of tax-favorable asset classes. For our business owner clients, we may recommend a wide range of deductions, credits, and other tools.

We view tax planning from a holistic perspective and we analyze your tax exposure on a regular, ongoing basis. We also work closely with your tax professionals to coordinate strategies and provide you with the highest level of planning and protection. Let’s connect soon and discuss how we can work together to strengthen your tax planning strategy.