Case Studies

Examples of real-life situations and how Johnston Investment Counsel helped

Concentrated Stock
A client had a concentrated stock position. How we worked with them to better diversify their portfolio.

Institutional Consulting
A church endowment fund receives a large gift. See how JIC works with them to develop an overall investment and spending strategy.

Investment Analysis
Between spouses client has eight different accounts. The process we used to evaluate their diversificaton and re-structure to a more tax-efficient portfolio.

Restructuring 401k Plan
How we helped a plan sponsor better meet their fiduciary duties by revamping their 401k.

Retirement Plan
Physicians in a small practice need to increase retirement savings and reduce their tax burden.

Retirement Planning
Client asks if they can retire comfortably. The process we used to answer this question.

Risk Constrained Portfolio
Client comes to JIC and says they can no longer withstand significant fluctuations in portfolio value. Problem is they need higher returns than those offered by bonds. See JIC’s solution.