Special Situations

Your Situation Is Truly Unique

In the course of our work, we often come across individuals that have unique characteristics to their financial situation that requires creativity and an alternative approach. The challenge is to develop a solution that is best suited for a client’s particular goals and objectives.

Some of the unique characteristics we frequently see include:

  • Low cost basis stock
    One of the key factors in working with low cost basis stock is the size of the position relative to the total investment portfolio.
  • Concentrated stock positions
    Many individuals often have a significant percentage of their net worth invested to a single stock. Unfortunately, as one thinks about retirement, a concentrated portfolio will likely fluctuate more than a diversified portfolio.
  • Equity based compensation
    Equity-based compensation has become an important component to the total compensation of many executives.
  • Net unrealized appreciation
    Lowering the tax rate on qualified plan distributions from ordinary income to capital gains.