Impact of Soil Erosion

Climate changes impact on soil erosion has not been significantly publicized. Soil erosion occurs when a large number of dry days are interspersed with heavier rains. A new European Union Joint Research Centre report suggests the cost of soil erosion is $8 billion a year. In addition, they estimate worldwide food production has been reduced by 33.7 million tons a year.

Factors in this developing ecological situation are a combination of changing temperatures as well as land use (when developers and builders clear out vegetation that helps to hold soil in place).

Nations that are most vulnerable to soil erosion tend to have a large proportion of agricultural land. This includes the Caribbean countries along with Brazil, Central African countries, and parts of Southeast Asia. There, soil erosion is occurring on more than 70% of arable land, compared with 3% in countries like the European Union, Australia, Canada and Russia. India and Indonesia are estimated to have a 0.1% lower GDP as a result of soil erosion.