New Technology

Which are the most significant technological improvements from the last calendar year? Every year, MIT Technology Review provides its answers to this question

This year’s list contains 3D metallic printing — printing metal components cheaply and quickly, and cutting edge urban layout utilizing digital technologies. Additionally: electronic earbuds with an integrated language chip that can translate foreign languages to English. The magazine cites an energy program which catches the carbon released by burning natural gas – thereby reducing / eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, a tool developed using blockchain technology that makes it feasible to carry out electronic transactions more cheaply and efficiently than could be accomplished with current credit cards.

One other thing mentioned is the new genetic testing solutions, that are making it feasible to predict the likelihood of contracting specific diseases and even ascertain an individual’s IQ. The magazine also warns these solutions will also raise the dangers of “genetic discrimination”– companies deciding to employ according to your genes, or even health care providers charging higher premiums to individuals who have more susceptibility to congenital disorders or cardiovascular disease.