Have Economic Benefits Reached Everyone?

America seems to be at near peak prosperity, as the stock market has boomed (until recently) for the last 10 years and the previous recession occurred over 10 years ago. The unemployment rate is near a historic low. While there are disagreements about which President is responsible for this wonderful news, most Americans are […]

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How Can I Tell if a Crowdsourcing Campaign is a Scam?

Crowdsourcing can be an effective way to raise funds for a variety of causes, but it’s also a great opportunity for scam artists to take advantage of your goodwill. Before you donate to a crowdsourcing campaign, help protect yourself from being scammed by following these tips.

Check the campaign creator’s credibility.

If you don’t personally know the […]

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What is Individual Crowdsourcing?

Individual crowdsourcing (also known as personal crowdsourcing) refers to a process of raising money for a personal cause or project using an online platform such as GoFundMe. But how exactly does the process work? Here are some answers to common questions about individual crowdsourcing.

What causes can be supported via individual crowdsourcing?

Individual crowdsourcing can help raise […]

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Four Tips for Planning a Career Change

Changing careers can be rewarding for many reasons, but career transitions don’t always go smoothly. Your career shift may take longer than expected, or you may find yourself temporarily out of work if you need to go back to school or can’t immediately find a job. Consider these four tips to help make the financial […]

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Famous People Who Failed to Plan Properly

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of taking the time to plan your estate. Nevertheless, it’s surprising how many American adults haven’t done so. You might think that those who are rich and famous would be way ahead of the curve when it comes to planning their estates properly, considering the resources and lawyers […]

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Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2019

Every year, the Internal Revenue Service announces cost-of-living adjustments that affect contribution limits for retirement plans and various tax deduction, exclusion, exemption, and threshold amounts. Here are a few of the key adjustments for 2019.

Employer retirement plans

  • Employees who participate in 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 plans can defer up to $19,000 in compensation in 2019 […]

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    The State of the Housing Market

    During the past year ending September, homes sales have declined by 13%.  In combination with the volatility in stock prices, some are concerned about the condition of the U.S. economy.

    In the past, housing market declines have been an indicator of a future decline in economic activity.  However, in the aggregate, we believe housing is sending […]

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    The Level of Corporate Debt is Troubling

    The amount of corporate debt has recently reached $1 trillion. Research from Bloomberg News firm found that businesses have taken advantage of over a decade of low interest rates to make acquisitions – substantially increasing their debt load.

    Looking at a few of the acquisitions, the investigators found that companies commonly borrowed two to six times […]

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    Who Has Benefited From the Stock Market Recovery

    Since the economy and stock markets have been doing well, we have been told that the U.S. has recovered from the Great Recession. However, reaching new stock market highs and personally recovering from the losses sustained are two different things.

    A recent study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard evaluated […]

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    Manufacturers Start Printing Components

    We hear the way artificial intelligence will modify the work force, and computers are increasingly taking over the whole planet. But maybe one of the biggest changes has been flying under the radar; instead of creating things, we’ll soon be “printing” them.

    A brand new “metal printing press” made by Desktop Metal, utilizes many different alloy […]

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