How Technology May Improve Your Health

Technology gadgets are moving past counting your steps, to more sophisticated activities such as improving your posture and correcting your running stride.

A post in the online version of Forbes magazine lists seven fitness-enhancing items you may want to consider as a way to facilitate a healthier body. Start with Zikto walk, a bracelet “coach” that examines your walking patterns by using several motion sensors. It reminds you to fix your posture and gait by a vibration on your wrist ($149).

Upright Go is designed to help relieve back pain and improve your posture. The small device adheres to the skin between the shoulder blades, instantly providing posture feedback whether you’re walking, standing, or sitting. Results are posted to an accompanying IOS or Android program ($79).

Pip monitors your changing stress levels by holding the device between your thumb and forefinger. There are related apps that allow you reduce your stress through activities and games ($179).

Dharma Pro has been called the world’s first intelligent seat cushion. It evaluates your posture, sitting time, and stress levels. It will remind you to sit properly by sending vibrations via the cushion ($199).

The Zepp attaches to a golf glove, tennis racket or calf sleeve (for soccer) to evaluate the mechanics of your game ($89-$149).

The Muse helps your meditation techniques. It tracks the current state of your brain, adjusting its recommendations to help you get a deeper sense of focus. It will track your sessions as your work toward peacefulness ($249).