Life Hacks That Will Save You Time

Many times, it’s life’s little annoyances and difficulties that get in our way and frustrate our plans and schedules. But over time, people have come up with ingenious ways to overcome at least a few of those small challenges.

A website called routinely collects these tips and ideas from its readers. Some of them are easy, like, when you find yourself trying to spread cold butter on a piece of bread, try rubbing the butter against a cheese grater to make it more spreadable. Or, if you are trying to tighten or remove a stripped screw try putting a rubber band between the screwdriver and the screw head – making the screw easier for the screwdriver to grip.

Want more? If you need to chill your wine that has warmed up, instead of dropping an ice cube in the wine glass, drop in a few frozen grapes. If you need to top off the oil in your car’s engine but don’t have a funnel, hold a screwdriver over the opening and pour the oil down the blade of the screwdriver and avoid spilling a drop.

Are your eggs fresh? How would you know just by looking at them? You can get a definitive answer by dropping the eggs in a container of water. The fresh ones will sink straight to the bottom. But if the eggs are going bad, they’ll float at least halfway up the container.

Have you ever rented a car, and pulled into a gas station, and then suddenly found yourself wondering which side of the car the gas tank is on? You can tell by looking at the direction of a little arrow in the middle of your fuel gauge that you probably never noticed before.

Suppose you drop a piece of jewelry in the carpet. Wrap pantyhose around the opening of the vacuum attachment and run the vacuum over the carpet. Have you ever gone on the road and realized that you forgot the charging dock for your phone? Most hotel televisions have a USB port on the side.

Peeling boiled eggs can be a real hassle. But not if you drop the boiled eggs in ice water before peeling. The shells will slip right off. Trying to find and peel off the edge of a roll of packing tape? Every time you finish with the tape, mark the edge with a paper clip, which holds the end of the tape above the roll so you can get at it easily. Do you hit your finger with a hammer when driving a nail? Use a clothespin to hold the nail in place.

The site also suggests you polish your car’s headlights with toothpaste, and that you color-code your many keys with different colored nail polish. You can also put all your charger cords and plugs into a glasses case when you travel, and use a lint remover roller to clean your window screens.

Who knew?