The Unique Employee Difference

A roundtable of notable CEOs was recently asked an interesting question: what characteristics make an irreplaceable worker? How can you describe this individual? You might think their response would mention outstanding abilities, a fantastic educational history, or business certifications. But rather, the CEOs recorded three key characteristics:

A drama-free character. The notion here is people who make drama are basically selfish, and that low-drama employees normally have a higher commitment to performing their work without having a great deal of oversight and telling co-workers what a wonderful job they are doing.

Operational focus. This means that they are devoted to great implementation of whatever the task is. These are people who not only talk about ideas but also execute on those ideas. In short, getting things done. The most irreplaceable workers realize that implementation and results are what matters. They’re masters of follow-through.

Confidence and inner motivation. The irreplaceable workers are confident enough to take both negative or positive comments and change their actions as a result. They’re self-motivated to always improve.

The CEOs were asked why they do not simply hire only individuals with those characteristics, but the dilemma is they’re difficult to spot in an interview procedure.

Words, and stating the proper thing, is not necessarily a sign that the individual sitting across the desk will be drama-free, centered on operational excellence, both optimistic and motivated. Everybody pretends to have these traits; you simply do not know until they are in the workplace. And individuals with these characteristics appear to be rare.